Win Big When You Downsize Your Home

custom homesWhen you begin to consider floor plans and square footage for future custom homes, you may be thinking “the bigger, the better.” But in today’s society, bigger doesn’t always necessarily mean better. This is especially true for homeowners who are looking to save on home expenses or are new empty nesters. So, downsizing may actually be the way to go. There are numerous benefits that downsizing to a smaller home can offer, and this article is going to discuss a few of the most important.

Decreased energy use: When it comes to building and buying new custom homes, many buyers are interested in reducing their energy use and expenses. In fact, 48% of buyers looking at new homes cite “energy-efficiency” as the top feature they’re looking for. Well, one of the great things about downsizing is using less energy. When homeowners switch from big homes to smaller custom built homes, they’ll be able to significantly reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs, especially if they invest in energy-efficient appliances, too. But overall, a smaller space means using less energy to heat and cool the home.

More space optimization: Many people design and build their custom homes with spaces for guests. Whether you have grandchildren, friends, or in-laws in mind, this extra space often results in nothing but extra headaches. Things like guest spaces, entertainment areas, and big dining rooms for holiday meals are often primary thoughts when designing the layout of a home. But what about those day-to-day activities? Homeowners who design their home around other people may find that there are some areas in their home that they rarely use. But when you downsize, you know you’re going to use every inch of your new luxury home. No more wasted space, and no more cleaning unused rooms. Planning for frequent use will allow for the space in the home to be fully, and creatively, optimized.

Closer community: Big homes are often located on big lots of land. And while having land is certainly a desirable luxury, it can make it difficult to get to know your next door neighbors. Now, small houses don’t necessarily have to be on small lots of land. But building on land that puts you closer to your neighbors can be a great way to really be involved in the community. Many homeowners enjoy the presence of their neighbors and become close with the surrounding community. While this is not impossible to do with bigger luxury homes, it may be easier when downsizing to a smaller home.

These are just a few of the many benefits of downsizing to a smaller home. With more space utilization, less energy use, and being able to be part of a tight-knit community, there are very few downsides to downsizing.