Popular Myths About Custom Homes, Debunked

new homeMany communities around the world are incorporating the idea of custom-built new homes into neighborhoods. Designing and building a custom built new home can be an extremely rewarding experience, but custom built homes can sometimes be feared. Especially since 32% of people who are looking to buy a home are first time home buyers and might be hesitant to go custom for their first home. Popular myths about choosing a custom built new home make people hesitant to choose a custom design for their new home. Here, we’ll debunk these myths and prove custom built is the way to go for your new home.

  1. Custom built homes cost way more than other homes. Often times, people hear “custom” and automatically think “expensive”. They also dear that once they start the project, they will have to pay for many additional expenses throughout the project, leaving the final prices way more expensive than they originally planned. However, custom built home companies will help customers select their own products they want to put into the overall budget. This allows total transparency and no hidden expenses.
  2. Custom-built homes take too long to build. Another fear people have about custom built homes is that they take too long to build and end up going way past the intended schedule. In actuality, like regular homes, the custom built home building process should be outlined and really take only a few months to be completed. This small time investment is worth the wait to have a home tailored to the homeowner’s lifestyle and desires.
  3. Communication with custom built home companies is not effective. Like with any construction project, effective communication depends on which company you choose. Most custom built home companies are extra involved in communicating with customers because they want to ensure that they get exactly what they want out of their home. They often walk the customer through every step of the process and handle any issues that may arise quickly and efficiently.
  4. Building a custom home is just too complex. Along with the fear of expenses, many people may also fear that choosing to new custom homes will simply be too complicated. Whether it’s the finding the right design or selecting the right materials, people think the entire process will be too overwhelming. In reality, custom built homes can actually be quite simple. Working with an experienced contractor will provide you plenty of guidance and advice along the way. This will ensure you understand the process and are aware of any options you can choose from.

It’s important to be aware of these myths, and the truth behind them, because going custom for your new home is an excellent idea. You not only get to have a say in every aspect of your home, but you and your family will have a home made just for you for years to come.