4 Tools To Help Gage a Neighborhood’s Walkability

homeWalkability is an important issue for many first time home buyers. It allows people to stay active and reduce the amount of money spend on transportation costs. It also helps to foster a stronger sense of community and increases local engagement.

But how exactly do you decide whether a neighborhood is walkable when looking for a new home? After all, more than six in ten adults, or 63%, will move into a new community at least once in their lives, oftentimes in pursuit of a job or fresh start. Even the 37% who never leave their hometowns might not be entirely familiar with every neighborhood in town.

If you are looking at a new neighborhood and want to understand if it is a walkable space, then here are some of the key factors to look for.

A Center
Whether it is your small town main street, city hall, or public space such as a park or other venue, a walkable town should extend from an epicenter. This can be tricky, as some towns will have a main street that is not really the center of the town. In order to determine this one, ask yourself: does this feel like the town is growing out of this point, or is development scattered between several disconnected points.

People AND Businesses
This might seem obvious, but without enough people to keep businesses growing, then there won’t be enough to support a walking community. It is also important to notice that a healthy mix of people from a number of backgrounds is also an important factor in walkability.

Public Spaces
If the only places available for people to gather and relax are businesses, then the neighborhood will be less likely geared towards community and walkability. Public spaces allow residents to gather regardless of income and situation.

Pedestrian Friendly Design
Again, some of this is obvious: if there are no sidewalks, then the neighborhood is not safely walkable. But other parts are subtle. While driving through a neighborhood look to see where the parking lots are located. If the buildings are set back from the street with the lot in front, then drivers are clearly the neighborhood’s priority.

When buying a new home, walkability is an important factor to remember. Many luxury houses and tracks are constructed in areas that, while beautiful, require a car to travel to even the most mundane destinations.

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