Planning Ahead: How To Choose The Right Style For Your Home Plan

modern home plansAccording to data recorded by Zillow, 48% of home buyers are looking for homes that have never been lived in, and the sure way to achieve that is by building a custom home. You’ll have everything tailored to exactly what you want, but sometimes the hardest part is knowing where to begin. First, you will have to sift through the different home floor plans and decide which style you want to be the basis for your home.

Traditional Home Plans

The traditional style is the most commonly built style of home in the United States and Canada as it is suited to all family sizes and stages of life. These homes are typically built as one-story ranches or two-story homes. The exterior design can be based on a wide range of architectural styles throughout history but typically feature simple rooflines, covered entries, and at least one front-facing gable. Functionality is the most important part of a traditional floor plan. As these homes are often catered to family life, the following plans are typical of the traditional style:


  • An open floor plan with a kitchen that overlooks the family room.


  • A great room that serves as a central and functional gathering area.


  • A kitchen with a large meal prep area and walk-in pantry.


  • A home office for the work-at-home parent.


Modern Home Plans

As a response to the styles that were popular during the Industrial Revolution in the late 1800s, modern home plans are usually found between 1900 and 1950. That being said, the modern style contains a wide range of styles and features within it. Key characteristics of the modern style and its subdivisions include:


  • Large windows that create an expansive space and allow plenty of natural light.


  • Simple over ornate styling.


  • A boxy exterior design.


  • Whitewashing the interior and/or exterior surfaces.


  • A strong sense of structure, including using exposed support beams.


  • Using materials such as steel and concrete.

Overall, modern homes are based in minimalism. They value the concept that creating simple looks can be extremely difficult. Modern home plans are focused on order and consistency, so if that reflects your values as a homeowner, a modern style might be right for you.

Contemporary Home Plans

A contemporary home plan is a very flexible design style, as it is based in anything of the present design moment. While it is related to the modern style and born of its innovation, the contemporary style is more forward-thinking and inventive for today’s home needs with these common features:


  • Large windows and high ceilings to let in plenty of natural light, making contemporary similar to modern in this way.


  • Displaying natural materials in windows and ceilings, which distinguishes it from modern styles.


  • Softened elements like a curved ceiling.

As contemporary home plans differ so much from home to home, it is difficult to pinpoint many common features, but they all are based on a feeling of playfulness. If you aren’t afraid of throwing different and fun elements into your floor plan, then a contemporary home plan may suit your home perfectly.

With the right floor plan, your custom built home will speak to your aesthetic style while also providing the right level of functionality in a new home for your family.